Banned Typo Case Still Available Online

Banned Typo Case Still Available Online

The Typo iPhone case which was banned from sale last week is currently still listed as being available for purchase on Typo’s website although it’s not clear for how long.

According to the information on their site they are also offering same day shipping (included in the $99 price) to a limited number of US customers.

Although provisionally banned from sale last Friday after rival mobile company BlackBerry sued for patent infringement, it would appear that customers who are keen to get their hands on one can still order the case online.

As well as Typo’s website, the case is still being listed for sale through a number of eBay stores.

The iPhone case which grafts a  physical keyboard on to the iPhone 5 has been the subject of controversy due to its BlackBerry-esque appearance.

Last week a judge ruled in favor of BlackBerry stating that it was probable that the beveled edge keyboard featured on the Typo was an infringement of BlackBerry’s patented design.

Customers who are still hoping to purchase one of the Typo cases can check Typo’s website and also eBay for listings.

Have you found the Typo case anywhere?

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