Barcelona, Spain: When To Go & How To Get Around

Barcelona, Spain: When To Go & How To Get Around

Barcelona is a large city in Spain on the Northeastern Mediterranean Coast. It is best known for its delicious cuisine, exciting nightlife and beautiful attractions.

The best time to visit this city is April to late June or late September to November. During the month of August, most shop owners go on vacation, so you will find many stores closed during this time.

However, the weather during August is still pleasant and is a great time for visitors to go sightseeing.

If you have ever wondered what you can do in Barcelona, below are some tips and suggestions that will help you on your trip.

Getting Around

You can get a free tourist map of Barcelona in English from most hotels and shops. This will show you how to get around via bus or metro.

The Barcelona Bus Turistic connects to all the tourist sites in the city. This is probably the easiest way for tourists to get around; although biking around the city is preferred by most travelers and locals. There are bicycle lanes on major roads and it is easy to find a bike rental shop around the city.

Catalan Culture and Cuisine

Barcelona’s official languages are Catalan and Spanish. Any attempt by tourists to use the native language is very well appreciated.

During siesta time, which is 4pm to 8pm, most restaurants are closed. If you fail to plan this out, you can eat at a tapas bar or one of many international chains. However, these are not the most economic options for travelers.

Avoid restaurants that are near tourist attractions and look for some hidden gems. Places where locals frequent are your best bet for good food. You will find a large selection of seafood while in Barcelona. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Catalans generally eat three course meals.

Places to See

Barcelona has been named one of the best beach cities in the world by top travel guide magazines.

You can visit the beaches to take a dip, but the locals prefer that travelers do not wear beach clothes inside restaurants and shops.

Tourists like to stroll along Cuitat Vella, which is the oldest part of Barcelona. Take a walk along the winding streets to discover hidden squares and majestic fountains. Here, you can see a number of great monuments like the Palau de la Música Catalana, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can also see Gaudi architecture such as the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Güell which are found in other districts.

Things to Do

Barcelona is home to many festivals during the year. Late May and August are when the most interesting festivities take place.

Most of the interesting festivals are unique to Catalonia. Planning your vacation around a festival can help you learn more about the culture.

Sant Jordi is a fun festival which is similar to Valentine’s Day. During this celebration, people give each other flowers and books. This interesting and colorful festival happens in late April, which is also a great time to visit Barcelona.