According to a survey conducted by the education technology company Chegg (via Re/code), Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music will increase Apple’s popularity among young consumers.

Last week, Apple announced its plans to acquire the Beats brands for $3 billion. This is Apple’s most significant acquisition to date, and includes the popular headphones company, as well as Beats’ new online music streaming service.

In its survey of 10,000 students, Chegg determined that only 15 percent had ever purchased Beats products, and just three percent had subscribed to the Beats Music service. However, 50 percent of students believe the deal will increase Apple’s popularity, and nearly 25 percent said it will make Apple more “cool”

These results are perhaps unsurprising. Apple has had more than just a foot in the door to the college market for some time now. Mac notebooks are practically ubiquitous within college and university classrooms and lecture halls. Some, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, believe the acquisition of Beats is a step ahead of the curve; others consider the move to be a desperate attempt by Apple to regain lost ground in the music industry.

iTunes music sales have decreased significantly since the introduction of free music services like Spotify, and Apple has seemingly been putting less of a focus on its iPod line, with plans to discontinue the iconic iPod Classic altogether.