BeautyKat Review: Great For Quality Asian Beauty Products is an online shop specializing in Asian beauty and skin care supplies from skin care lotions to makeup and everything in between.

While the store specialises in Asian beauty supplies, they do carry products from other countries such as Apivita products which are made in Greece.

Asian beauty and the typical Asian Skin Care Routine is becoming increasingly popular in the western world. A typical Asian inspired skin care routine involves using many products and taking the time to care for your skin.

The routine might seem long, a typical skin care routine has 10 to 12 steps, but many people have found that it helps to clear up acne, dry and red skin and other problems making it worth while to use so many various products daily.

Shipping from Beauty Kat is free on all purchases of $49 or more. BeautyKat also does a great job with shipping speed.

My package arrived quicker than I expected and closer to the earliest estimated delivery date that I was given. My package actually arrived before the earliest estimated delivery date by one day so I was very surprised and happy with the speed at which my items were sent out with.

The packaging itself is also great. Bottles were wrapped in bubble wrap and very secure to insure that nothing would break or leak out during the shipping process.

Aside from a wide range of products, BeautyKat also has various recommendations for different skin types and skin concerns. These recommendations are listed on the sidebar on the front page of the website.

You can search by skin type or skin concern such as wrinkles and dryness. So, if you are new to Asian beauty products, take a look at Beauty Kat’s recommendations for your skin type.

One factor to consider before making a purchase at BeautyKat is the language barrier. The site is entirely in English and the prices are in U.S. dollars but some of the products do not have English instructions or descriptions on the bottle.

Most products do come with either English directions on the bottle or placed over the original instructions by a sticker so the language barrier is not a huge problem but is still something to consider. Only one of the six products that I ordered did not have English language instructions on them.

However, I was able to find a translation of the instructions online so it was not a problem in the end. You can always contact customer support with any questions as well.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase from BeautyKat. They carry a wide selection of products for many different skin types. It was easy to find and order products through their website and the prices were great.