Have you ever wanted to be a secret shopper?  With a smart phone and a little initiative, you could be on your way within minutes!

Gigwalk offers opportunities to earn a little cash, by completing ‘gigs’ in your local area.   A gig is simply the process of collecting certain pieces of information, on your smart phone, for various businesses.  The information needed is often just a few photographs and some survey questions answered.   For example, photograph a restaurant’s menu or answer a survey with regard to how a product is displayed in a store.

Gigwalk pay rates generally start at around $4 and can exceed $100.  The higher paying gigs are reserved for those that have proven themselves through the successful completion of gigs, therefore earning ‘Streetcred’.

Getting started with Gigwalk is easy.  At the moment, an iPhone is required for full participation, but they are in the process of beta testing the Android App, before their public launch.  To download the app to your smart phone, simply visit: Gigwalk

Next, you will be directed to complete your Gigwalk profile and enter your Pay Pal information.

 You will then be offered a list of gigs that are in your local area-you choose the gigs you would like to complete.

It is important to complete the gigs you’ve claimed timely and completely, for proper payment and for building your Streetcred.   Payments generally take about five days to reach your Pay Pal account and can add up nicely with a steady stream of gigs.

Taking a ‘Gigwalk’ may prove to be both fun and profitable.