BelayCords is a Kickstarter project for which funding began in early September 2014. This project started with a goal for backers to pledge a total of $4,000 and currently has over 2,300 backers that have pledged over $107,000 total.

What makes BelayCords so unique is the fact that they are the first charging cords with reversible USB technology. BelayCords take the guesswork out of plugging in the USB end of the cord because it works in either orientation.

Additionally, the cords are made with a durable fabric exterior that protects the cords from wear and helps to keep them tangle free.

BelayCords work with both Apple and Android devices as well as other devices including Blackberry phones, Windows phones, Samsung Galazy S5, Amazon Fire, and many more. These cords are not only compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPad Mini, but they will also be compatible with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

BelayCords are available in two lengths: 4 feet and 2 meters. They are also available in 7 different colors: Trendy, College Blue, KickStarter Green, ThrowBack, Gold, Silver, and Black.

All BelayCords come with a lifetime guarantee.

The funding period for BelayCords ends on November 2, 2014, which means there are only 47 days left to make a pledge and become a backer for this project.

Rewards are based on the amount of money that backers choose to pledge. The minimum pledge is $1, however, individuals who pledge over $25 will receive at least one BelayCord depending on the amount pledged. Delivery of the cords is expected in November 2014.

To learn more about BelayCords and the different rewards for pledges, visit the BelayCords Kickstarter page.