When in-house counsel looks across a courtroom, there are a few firms that they don’t want to ever see as opponents, says BTI Consulting Group’s 2011 Litigation Outlook Report. According to the report, Louisville law firm Lynch, Cox, Gilman and Goodman is one of those firms.

As part of its comprehensive assessment, BTI Consulting identified 28 law firms nationally to be “awesome opponents”,  law firms that were frequently mentioned by corporate counsel as ones they prefer to steer clear of in litigation. Nestled in the list of the largest, most recognized and most revered law firms from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. is Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman P.S.C. in Louisville, KY.

LCG&G partner Don Cox attributes the firm’s enviable reputation for litigation to the experience and quality that is reflected in everything that LCG&G undertakes. We consistently demonstrate the same determination to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes,  says Cox, whether we are dealing with intellectual property, business and commercial law, probate and estate planning, taxation, labor employment, real estate, family law or civil litigation.

Our extremely loyal clients have often told us that the quality of our legal work rivals the best anywhere, says managing partner Scott Spiegel. It is extremely gratifying to see their opinion confirmed in this manner, and it is an honor to be compared favorably with some of the greatest law firms in the country.

A long-time client of LCG&G, Wayne Mortenson, CEO of Mortenson Family Dental Centers, Inc. reaffirmed this view. Lynch, Cox, Gilman and Goodman have represented our company for seven years and they have repeatedly proven to us their ability to protect our interests no matter what. We are truly grateful to have such a quality partner.

No wonder a national survey thinks that Lynch, Cox, Gilman and Goodman are awesome opponents.

Litigation Outlook 2011 was produced by the BTI Consulting Group, Wellesley, Mass. For more information go to www.btilitigationoutlook.com

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