Best Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone & Eye Color

Best Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone & Eye Color

Most women want to walk out the door everyday looking as if they’re fresh off the runway—or at least took the time to put their face together.

Sometimes, the best way to have that look is to decide upon makeup colors to compliment the skin tone.

As hard as some try, they often find themselves with colors that do not flatter their skin at all.  So, how do you find the colors that work best for you?  Let’s look at some steps to getting your makeup right the first time.

Know Your Skin Tone

The first step in finding the best makeup color for your skin is to determine your skin tone.  The best way to do this is to wear a neutral color shirt (white is best) and look in the mirror.  The light should not be fluorescent or yellow, as this can change the tone of your skin.  Skin tone is either warm or cool; it is not the same as skin color, which is defined as the actual color of your skin. A warm skin tone has a more yellow/red shade, while cool skin tones are blue/pink.

The second step is finding your skin color.  This is divided into four basic colors: Fair, medium, dark, and olive.  With this baseline of tone and color, it is easier to pick a foundation shade that matches your skin.  Foundation may need to be changed for the summer months when most people’s skin darkens due to sun exposure.  Foundation should be a perfect match to skin color so that there is a seamless look from face to neck, and makeup should always be applied on a fresh, clean face.

Use Bronzers

Bronzers provide a tanned look without actual exposure to the sun, giving the impression of having been tanning without the dangers that the sun or tanning beds impose.

For a gradual increase in color over time, some lotions and moisturizers are available with a built-in bronzer.  However, be careful to not over-apply, as bronzers should be used to enhance color; wearing too much at once will produce an unnatural, often “dirty” look.

Choosing Blush

The best blush color is also determined by the skin tone and color of the wearer.  Once you’ve zoned in on your specific skin tone and skin color, use this guide to pick the shade of blush that will perfectly compliment your now luminous skin.

  • Olive: Use blush in rich browns and copper tones, as well as coral and apricot.
  • Dark: Compliment velvet dark skin colors with shades of plum and deep rose.
  • Medium: Lean more on the side of a bronzed orange, apricot shade to really enhance those medium colors and warm tones.
  • Fair: Show off your fair, porcelain skin with shades of pink and rose— peach if you’re feeling a bit tanner during the summer months.

Lip Colors

Lip color can spice up or tone down any look. Contrary to popular belief, most anyone can get away with a bold red look— you’ve just got to know the right shade!

Warm skin tones match-up perfectly with deep wine-colored reds, champagnes and browns.  Cool skin tones can get away with some darker, eclectic lip colors like purple, but also do great with shades of rose and pink.

Those with olive-colored skin would do well to choose from a variety of shades of brown, reds, and even orange.  For those with fair skin selecting cool, natural shades of pink are best—brighter reds and orange for those times when making a bolder statement is necessary!

Eye Makeup

Wearing crazy shades and textures of eye-makeup can be fun and experimental; there’s so much more than just a basic black liner and pale shadow!  Eye makeup can enhance or reflect your eye color, so sticking with shades that match your skin and eyes will give you the best look possible. Dark skin hues do best with vibrant colors such as blues, greens, even orange, while lighter skin hues do well with pastel shades.

If you’ve got blue eyes, why not bring out the best in them with a cool purple shade, or a rust tone for more of an edgier look. Green eyes are complimented best with orange shades of mustard and peach, while a gold shadow will draw in a dramatic look.  To bring out your big brown eyes, use light shades of purple to enhance any greens, and cooler shades of brown to make the most of those long-lashed beauties.

The fun in eye makeup is that you can change it up to reflect your mood for the day; after all, your eyes are the windows to your soul.  Thick eyeliner and great mascara will draw the best attention to your eyes.  If you’re lacking a bit in the eyelash department, no need to worry, apply some eyelash extensions to really make your eyes pop and further enhance any look.

Look great by ensuring that the colors you choose compliment your skin.  Getting ready to head out into the world should be exciting, and you should feel good about the end result.  So, get that makeup together and shine!

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