Best Performances From The X Factor Judge’s Homes

Best Performances From The X Factor Judge’s Homes

Fox’s second season of X Factor had a two night premiere last week in which the final 24 contestants were split into Over 25’s (LA Reid’s team), Groups (Simon Cowell’s team), Teens (Britney Spears team), and Young Adults(Demi Lovato’s team).

Here is a round up of the best performances on each team.

LA Reid’s Team

David Correy covering Jessie J’s “Domino”

Remember the tattooed soul singer dedicating his possible X Factor win to finding his birth mother? This guy once again delivered an extraordinarily magical performance singing with profoundly deep emotion. He took his time and delivered every note with great precision and emphasis. His vocals are reminiscent to Bruno Mars.

Correy has swag, heart and passion. LA Reid discussed with his guest mentor, Justin Bieber, and Justin Bieber’s manager, how there were some notes that gave him “chill bumps.”

Bieber agreed and further told Reid how he thinks Correy will definitely go far in this competition as he has the voice and look. Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, shared with Reid how Correy displayed pure passion, which he explains is something that is very hard to find in this industry.


Simon Cowell’s Team

Lylas covering Shontelle’s “Impossible”

Getting a second chance at the competition, solo artists Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton, Lauren Juaregui, and Ally Brooke were put together in creating X Factor’s new girl group, Lylas.

Their performance made them the clear front runner in the groups category.

Unlike most groups, who usually just have one main lead singer, this group has 5 really talented singers, each with incredibly powerful and unique vocal ability. They each nailed their solos and sounded amazing in their harmonies. They left guest mentor Marc Anthony speechless. Something tells me that this group will be able to have the same success as X Factor UK’s One Direction.


Britney Spear’s Team

Carly Rose Sonenclar covering Karmin’s “Broken Hearted”

It’s really hard to believe Sonenclar is only 13 as her vocal maturity is impressive.

The way in which she delivers this performance is simply mind blowing. She has unbelievable vocal strength and control, putting her on top of the teens category of the show.

Sonenclar is so incredibly gifted. Her fellow teen competitors stood in awe while watching her performance, one even stating : “She killed it.”

Britney gushed about Sonenclar’s talent to guest mentor said she was possessed, further cleverly stating: “ she’s like a little caterpillar who you think is going to turn into a butterfly, but she turns into a dragon scorching up the town.”


Demi Lovato’s Team

Jillian Jenson covering Sarah Bareilles’ “Gravity”

Jenson gave a heart-felt performance that once again perfectly showcased her powerful vocals and raspy tone.

What is so lovable about Jenson is her ability to connect to every song she chooses to sing. You can tell that she draws deep within herself as she delivers every lyric.

She carries the same pure passion fellow contestant David Correy possesses. Jenson should already be making and selling millions of records. Guest Mentor Nick Jonas expressed how Jenson’s voice, tied with the passion, made her very alluring.


Who was your favorite of the X Factor’s judges home performances?

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