Jimmy gets in trouble as he ends up doing business with one of Tuco’s men, Nacho, who proves to be too dangerous for him to handle. Spoilers ahead.

Jimmy starts to see the consequences for his actions in last week’s events when the Kettlemans are ransacked and Nacho forces him to represent him and clear him from the crime. Saul’s self-interest and smarts continue to kick in as he insists that the Kettlemans faked their own kidnapping to escape their crimes. While his feats are not as memorable as the desert confrontation with Tuco, it is consistent with his personality and skills set.

We also finally see the relationship between Jimmy and Mike grow, as the latter ends up getting Jimmy out of a jam and shares the same intellect that Jimmy did in investigating the case. It is an effective way to reveal Mike’s past as a cop to new viewers, while also paying a nod to Breaking Bad fans. The ending, where Jimmy confronts the family and reveals their stashed cash is an effective cliffhanger, even if it will not overshadow Tuco’s appearance any time soon.

The show’s clever use of flashbacks continues, as we see Jimmy’s past, getting in trouble for a sexual offense. This time we see a role reversal as Chuck has to protect him, and Jimmy tells him he will do anything to make sure Chuck lets him off. It is a neat look into the brothers’ relationship from a time ago, and it gives some insight into why Jimmy tries hard to stand up for Chuck during the present day. It will be interesting to learn what their deal consisted of.

While “Nacho” is not as exciting as the episodes before it, it wastes no time developing the plot and growing the characters and the relationships between them. As always, the show takes some unexpected turns and leaves plenty to wander about the next episode.

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