Consumers are asked by AAA, or the American Automobile Association, to be on alert for an email phishing scam concerning their E-Z Pass.

This email targets owners of E-Z Pass transponders, which are used to electronically pay tolls on highways and freeways across the country.

The email reads as such: “Indebted for driving on toll road #000923942. Notice to appear. You have a [sic] unpaid for using toll road. You are kindly asked to service your debt in the shortest time possible. You can review the invoice in the attachment. Regards, Brent Larsen, E-ZPass Manager.” Clicking on the link will open a website that appears legitimate, and will ask for credit card information, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. Opening the site will also expose your computer or phone to malware.

While the scam focuses on drivers in the Washington, D.C. metro area, it is recommended that all E-Z Pass holders be advised of the scam. Typical phishing emails consist of typos, grammatical errors, and long strings of numbers. The general rule of thumb is to avoid opening the emails themselves, and instead, go straight to the official website, or call the company or organization in question.

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