Now that the game is over, people are most interested in finding out what the top Super Bowl commercials for 2011 were and this year there was quite a selection to choose from.

The standard fare of funny was available from such companies as Pepsi, Budweiser and Doritos. One of the favorite Doritos commercials among viewers featured a man teasing a dog with a chip through a glass door. The expectation was that the dog would hit the door. Instead he crashed through and knocked the man down before taking his Doritos.

Another popular commercial featured Kim Kardashian in a spot for Skechers shoes. She was bidding farewell to her personal trainer thanks to her new shoes though the commercial began with a sultry vibe.  Big names were the power of the night as Faith Hill starred in a spot for Teleflora. In it she was helping a young man to feel comfortable sending a card with flowers that expressed what he truly felt. In the end he sent a card commenting on the girl’s physical features because his ‘heart told him it was right’.

Another top name that made his debut in commercials for the big game was Eminem. Having no history of being in an ad before he made what was known as the anti-ad for Lipton Brisk Tea. He also starred in an ad for Chrysler that showcased the positives of Detroit.

The top Super Bowl commercials for 2011 included big names as well. The two that top the list among viewers include fan favorites Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne and Darth Vader.

In a commercial for Volkswagen, a young boy dressed as Vader goes through his home attempting to use the force. Nothing works until his dad comes home. Suddenly his powers work on dad’s car.

The other top video showcases Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy going on about 4G, 5G and questioning how many G’s there are. Then Justin Bieber comes in and says he will take and shares that it is Bieber 6G Fever. This leaves Ozzy and wife questioning what is 6G and what is a Bieber. An ‘old man’  that is simply Justin touts that it looks ‘kind of like a girl’.

Here are the videos for the top two commercials of the night: