Big Brother Ep 5 Recap + More Contestants May Be Fired For Slurs & Cheating

Big Brother Ep 5 Recap + More Contestants May Be Fired For Slurs & Cheating

Following last week’s explosive scandal about the racist and homophobic comments made by some of Big Brother Season 15 houseguests, Spencer Clawson has become another contestant that is in big trouble with their employer.

Spencer was caught by the Big Brother cameras using gay slurs and praising Hitler.

Union Pacific, his employer, has released a statement distancing themselves from Spencer’s comments.

CBS has already released a statement distancing themselves from those derogatory remarks – but was it enough?

Despite the controversy, ratings have dropped and that’s more bad news for the Network.

Many ans of the show want these contestants removed from Big Brother.

Now on to the cheating scandal: On Wednesday, the contestants competed in the second HOH challenge of the summer. They were paired into teams of 2 and it appears that Jeremy and Aaryn did not follow the rules but they ended up winning.

Fans are upset and have been circulating a video online (below).

Not only did Big Brother ignore the racism and homophobic remarks, but now is ignoring the admitted cheating in the HOH competitions. Aaryn and Jeremy were shown admitting to the cheating on the live feeds.

Only one person can be HOH, so Jeremy lets Aaryn have it. She is clearly out for blood against anyone that voted David off.

She nominates Elissa, Andy, Helen and Candice as Have-Nots for a second week in a row. The Have-Nots are devastated that they’ll be eating liver, Lima beans and slop for another week.

No one admits to voting David out, so Aaryn blames Elissa and Candice.

Did she forget that Elissa was nominated and couldn’t vote?  This is the reason why girls don’t make it to the finals (IMO). They play emotionally instead of thinking about the long term strategy.

Candice and Helen are close to figuring out that there is a male alliance in the house, but is that enough to keep them off the block? The Moving Company is starting to see Amanda as a threat to their alliance, so they tell Aaryn that she was the mastermind behind David’s exit.

Aaryn and some of the house guests still want Elissa out because they want a fair shot at getting MVP.

It’s time for the nominations and no surprises there when she nominates Elissa , but Helen is nominated because she is guilty by association.

If you didn’t already guess by now, Elissa won MVP for a second week in a row. She put up Jeremy as the third nominee but he won the Power of Veto.

On Wednesday we’ll find out who Elissa puts up as a replacement nominee, since Jeremy will most likely use his veto.

Do you have any favorite house guest so far?

Here’s the cheating video:

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