Big Brother Ep 17: Nominations, Spoilers, Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Last Thursday, youth counselor, Howard Overby was eliminated from the Big Brother house. Howard was one of the candidates that gracefully dealt with the racist attacks from his fellow cast mates.

Howard recently came under fire due to the alleged sexual comment he made to Amanda Zuckerman.

A few days before the live eviction, Amanda was in the kitchen when Howard came by and whispered something in her ear.

No one on the Live Feeds caught what he said because Amanda was not wearing her microphone. A few hours later, Amanda told some of her cast mates that she was being sexually harassed by Howard.

Some fans find it hard to believe Amanda’s allegations, because she’s spread many lies and said some vile things in the Big Brother house. Moreover, she was being very playful and touchy with Howard when they did the Harlem shake dance later that evening.

Even after Howard’s elimination, she continued to bring up the sexual allegations and production started cutting to the fish tank. Production usually does that when they don’t want certain information public. Seems to me like someone is doing some damage control for Amanda.

Following his exit from the show, Howard had the opportunity to address the situation on and here is what he said:

“I mean, basically it was nothing. This was after the big thing outside where Candice confronted Spencer. At this point, I’m just carefree in the game. … I just saw an opportunity to joke with her .. I walked up and I said, ‘I love you’ and she said, ‘What, no you don’t?’ and I said, ‘No, I love you.’ With her being brash and she’s never been one to be shy about her sexuality, in a joking manner, I whispered, ‘I really do love you and outside this house you’d be so hot to me and we could hang out’ and that was it. That’s a joke I felt I could joke with her about because her, Candice and maybe GinaMarie, they’re really open about their sexuality and that was basically it. She made more of it because she never really could figure me out because she couldn’t control me. I guess she took it as a game ploy … I mean, that’s basically what it was. I wouldn’t harass anybody.”

Here’s the full interview.

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Now on to the nominations of the week!

After the endurance challenge on Thursday, Gina Marie was crowned the new HOH and has been enjoying her rein ever since. Her partner in crime, Aaryn,  is excited because she’s safe for another week. It’s no surprise when she nominates Candice and Jessie who recently made herself a target when she got into a fight with Amanda.

Amanda is basically running the house and some of the house guests are beginning to realize that it may be time for her to leave. It’s rather unfortunate that some of the house guests are too scared to make bold moves this season.

It will be exciting to see them squirm and strategise on Thursday when Julie Chen announces the double eviction twist.

To find out who America voted as the third nominee click below for: [toggle title=”Spoilers” state=”close” ]For a second week in a row, the viewers have voted Amanda as their third nominee. The house guests still do not know that America is the one voting. Amanda is confident that it’s someone in the house because there is no way America will nominate her. Jessie won the veto competition and will be taking herself off the block. Elissa, Jessie and Helen would like to evict Amanda but their plan was busted by Andy who reported back to Amanda. Gina Marie is likely to nominate Spencer as the replacement nominee.[/toggle]

Tune in Wednesday and Thursday for the veto nominations and live double eviction….Who do you think will go home and who do you think is playing the best game so far?

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