Big Brother Episode 2 – To Have & To Have Not!

Big Brother 15 premiered June 26th and a lot has happened since then. Alliances have been formed, showmances are in progress, and everyone wants a slice of pizza delivery boy and first HOH of the summer McCrae.

The housemates are still reveling on the new twist of having an MVP of the week. Some of the men think that America will chose the ladies because everyone just loves girls. Jeremy plans to snuggle with every girl in the house as a strategy to figure out who is HOH. Way to go Jeremy!  Super fan McCrae yells “who wants to see my HOH room?” and it’s time for everyone to kiss up to McCrae as they head up to the HOH room.

Alliances are being formed and everyone wants McCrae to be in their alliance, especially since he has a lot of power this week. Nick formed a power house alliance of 5 including, McCrae, Jeremy, Howard and Spencer.  The 3 single ladies in the house Kaitlin, Jesse and Aaryn, are focused on starting a showmance in the house – especially Jesse, who is in a dilemma trying to choose between Nick or Jeremy.

Elissa becomes  the new target of the house when everyone finally figures it out that she is Rachel Reilly’s sister (winner of Big Brother 13). Pretty shocking that it took them this long to figure that out. Aaryn does not like that she hid that information from them and she wants Elissa out. Elissa reveals her secret to McCrae in the hopes that her honesty will save her from being nominated.

It’s time for the Have Not competition and the house guests are divided into blue, red and yellow teams. The losing team will be on slop, and will sleep in a room that looks like the inside of an airplane for the rest of the week. McCrae is torn because he does not want “blood” on his hands. It’s been 15 seasons of this show and it’s hilarious that these contestants still believe they can nominate two people in the house and not have the nominees come after them the next week. After several hours of deliberation, he nominates Jesse and Candice.

The rest of the house is surprised at his choice, but I think he made a smart move to keep Elissa in the game. Anyone that goes against Elissa in the final would have a better chance at winning just for the sake of – her sister already won the show.

[toggle title=”Spoiler Alert – open only if you want to know the MVP of the week….” state=”close” ]According to the Live Feeds, Elissa was voted MVP of the week and someone apparently did not get the memo about keeping this information anonymous, as she was shown revealing this information to another house guest. She chose David as the third nominee for eviction. Wednesday will be the Power of Veto competition and on Thursday one of the house guests will be evicted from the show.[/toggle]

Live feeds are available on CBS for fans to follow along with all the fun this season.