It’s only been a week since Big Brother Season 15 premiered and these contestants have already been named the meanest cast ever. Some have already been fired from their day jobs.

Gina Marie and Aaryn Gries are two of the contestants that got themselves fired by their employers for the racists and homophobic remarks they made against their Black, Asian and gay housemates.

Those of you that watch the live shows probably did not witness such behavior because Big Brother edited out those remarks, but you can listen to what was said as everything was shown in the live feeds as seen in the video below.

Zephyr Talent, the employer of Aaryn Gries, issued a statement yesterday on their Facebook page that they have released Aaryn from her modeling contract.

East Coast USA Pageant, Inc also fired their employee, Gina Marie, for making such hateful remarks on the show. These girls are in for a rude awakening once they leave the show.

From the last episode it was revealed that Elissa won MVP of the week and she decided to put up whomever McCrae wanted because she thought they had an alliance. Elissa then put David up for elimination.

During the Power Of Veto competition McCrae wins POV , he uses it on Candace and nominates a dissapointed Elissa as a replacement nominee. He claims that he does not want to go against everyone’s wishes to put Elissa up. The house is clearly divided as the alliances and showmances grow apart and fight over the smallest things such as a bottle of wine meant for the Have Nots. McCrae’s alliance aka The Moving Company wants David out but the 4 couples in the house want Elissa out . The Moving Company’s strategy is to save Elissa and use her as a weapon since she has the potential to win MVP every week. Her sister(Rachel Reilly) was winner of Big Brother 13 and her fans may vote to keep Elissa as MVP every single week.

During the live eliminations, the nominees make their final plea and the housemates cast their final votes.

They walk in one by one into the voting room to cast their votes and the audience boos Aaryn as she’s casting her vote for Elissa.

The results are in… the housemates are sure it will be Elissa, but with a majority of the votes, David is the first house guest evicted from the show.

Aaryn and her clan are dumbfounded by the news and they can’t wait to win HOH so they can nominate those responsible for David’s premature exit.

Everyone but McCrae will compete in the HOH competition. They’ll compete in a 4th of July, barbecue style obstacle course and the winner of the HOH competition will be revealed on Sunday… but if you’re itching to know who wins, the live feeds on or Big Brother After Dark on TVGN will reveal those spoilers later tonight.