Last week on Big Brother, the house guests were faced with a double eviction twist which led to Candice and Judd’s exit from show. They made Jury!

At the live eviction show, the drama between Gina Marie and Candice went unnoticed.  These two girls never got along in the house, so it was not surprising to see them bickering while Candice was making her final plea.

Candice accused Gina Marie of making derogatory comments and for being a 33 year old woman who still lives with her mother.

GM retaliated by telling Candice, “at least my mom loves me” ….and they continued to argue until Julie Chen stopped them.

That was quite a blow to Candice because her mom gave her away when she was a baby. She reunited with her birth mom for the first time on Oprah when she was 26.

Check out the video below to see how mother and daughter reunited. Do you think Gina Marie’s comment’s were harsh? Let me know in your comments below.

Shortly after Candice’s exit, Aaryn won HOH and nominated Judd, who was blindsided with a unanimous vote. The house guests were all in tears after his exit from the show.

These house guests baffle me sometimes. If  you don’t want someone to go, why vote them out?

It’s time to find out who is the new HOH!

The house guests battled it out in a tournament style competition. The goal was to slide a cherry ball from a banana shaped platform into a bowl.

The final two came down to McCrae and Andy, who beat McCrae by mere seconds.

As the new HOH, Andy had to nominate the have nots for the week, but luckily for him, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Elissa and Helen volunteered themselves.

It’s time for America to choose which food items you want the have nots to eat next week. The options are:

1) Cottage Cheese and Cow Peas

2) Turnips and Taffy

3) Head Cheese and Habaneras

To vote, click Here.

After the HOH competition, Amanda went into the have not room crying. She is upset because McCrae did not let her win this one. Amanda, how about winning one on your own merit?

McCrae reassures her that she’s a great social player and has achieved a lot by controlling the game so far. Helen wants Andy to nominate McCrae and Amanda, but she has no idea that Andy has a final 3 deal with the couple.

Helen says that this week will be a test of Andy’s loyalty to her.

Andy then nominates Jessie and Spencer (this is his fifth time on the block). Jessie is disappointed that she won’t be able to make a big move to shake up the alliances. Spencer is not bothered because he knows he is just a pawn.

To find out who won the POV click the Spoiler below:

[toggle title=”Spoiler” state=”close” ]Andy won the POV and is planning to keep the nominations the same so that Jessie goes home. Helen is still pushing for Amanda and McCrae to be backdoored. A lot can happen between now and Thursday so stay tuned![/toggle]

Don’t forget to tune in for Wednesday’s veto ceremony and Thursday’s live eviction episode.

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