Big Brother Recap Ep 8 – More Racist Remarks Caught On Camera

Big Brother Recap Ep 8 – More Racist Remarks Caught On Camera

It’s been 3 days since we saw the mom-squad take over the Big Brother 15 house when political consultant, Helen Kim, won the Head of Household competition.

The house guests are excited by Helen’s win, but Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy and Gina Marie are not happy because they are no longer in control of the house.

Gina Marie is devastated over Nick, who was blindsided during elimination night.

Being on the bottom does not sit well with Aaryn and Kaitlin, as they start to bully Jessie and take over her bed.

Amanda comes in to defend Jessie and the gloves come off.

Amanda warns Aaryn to stop her mean behavior and confronts her about her racist remarks, but Aaryn is delusional and in denial. She thinks Big Brother is twisting her words just because she is a blonde, blue eyed, girl from the South.

She calls Amanda a fake person and a liar, but Amanda tells her “Let America be the judge”‘ as she walks out the room.

Someone please roll the tape for Aaryn so she can see the nasty things she said.

As if that’s not enough for one night, Aaryn flips over Candice’s bed, throws her things on the floor, and makes some more racists remarks to Candice. You can watch the video of the fight below.

Candice and Howard step away from the situation and pray over it in the have-not room.

Candice and Howard are the only two African American candidates in the house and are struggling to keep their composure through the bigotry remarks made by the house guests.

It was heartbreaking to see them hurt and in tears and yet, Big Brother has still not done anything to reprimand those culpable.

According to TMZ, Candice’s mom and her church have had enough of the racism and bullying on the show and they’re calling for everyone to Boycott the show. They called Aaryn a racist devil.

There is an official petition to expel Aaryn from the competition and it can be found here;

Situations like this have happened in other Big Brother shows around the world. On Big Brother UK, and Big Brother Canada, contestants have been warned and expelled from the competition. Why do you think Big Brother USA is not doing anything to stop the situation?

It’s time for McCrae to do some damage control as he reveals the secret boys alliance to his girlfriend Amanda.

The information spreads like wildfire in the house, and Helen is very disappointed to find out that Howard was part of a secret alliance.

She gives him the opportunity to tell the truth, but Howard continues to deny the information. Helen tells him what she knows as she bursts into tears of disappointment.

Gina Marie is still mourning over the loss of Nick and no one can go to sleep. How is she still be crying over a guy that she’s only known for 2 weeks, plus he never even gave her the time of day when he was in the house.

Jeremy knows he is toast and he’s hoping to get the chance to win Power of Veto (POV).  He tells Aaryn and Kaitlin to be nice and do some sucking up or else they will be next to go home.

Aaryn manages a fake apology to Candice and some other house guests but no one falls for it.

The house guests compete in the have-not competition where Howard, who is on Aaryn’s team decides to throw the competition so that Aaryn could eat slop that week. Unfortunately for him, McCrae’s team performed much worse and lost the competition.

The rest of the house sees Jeremy as a physical threat, so the plan is to not give him chance to save himself during the veto competition. Helen then nominates Aaryn and Kaitlin for elimination.

On Wednesday we’ll find out who the MVP of the week is and who they will put up as the third nominee.

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