Big Brother Season 15 Premiere – Expect the Unexpected!

Big Brother Season 15 Premiere – Expect the Unexpected!

Big Brother is back for its 15th season  and 16 complete strangers will battle it out all summer to win half a million dollars.

In addition to having an all new cast, this season will be extended to 100 days instead of the usual 90. Which means more drama, more twists and possibly double evictions.

The cast mates come from a very diverse backgrounds, ranging from a political consultant and a pizza delivery boy, to a sibling of a former and notorious Big Brother winner-Rachel Reilly. You can see the housemates here: Big Brother season 15 castmates

The housemates were excited to discover the house and while some tried bonding with their new friends, some of the girls are more concerned with the fact that they are “hot.”

It’s time for introductions and the contestants start sizing up their competitors and with whom they might form alliances with.

Big Brother host Julie Chen calls the cast mates into the living room and informs them that there will be 3 nominations every week, instead of the usual 2.

The Head of Household(HOH) will select two nominees, and the third nominee will be revealed later. This twist puts a lot more risk on the Head of Household(HOH) position because they may nominate two people who may end up not going home and come back at you during the next nominations.

It’s time for the first HOH competition of the summer, and the house guests battle it out through a physical challenge where they have to climb up a giant size Popsicle with a goal to be the last one holding on.

Pizza delivery boy (McCrae) wins the HOH competition and it’s time for everyone else to scramble for their safety. The housemates are ushered into the living room where Julie Chen reveals how the third nominee will be chosen.

America will nominate the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the week and this person will chose the third nominee while remaining anonymous. This brings a whole new perspective to the game, because no one will be safe.

The premier should have been at least 2 hours, rather than 1. But if you’re wanting to see more of the house mates, there will be live feeds on the CBS website. CBS offers a free trial of the feed and then it’s $9.99/month or $26.99 for the season.

Also, Big Brother After Dark has moved from Showtime to the TV guide network and there you can watch the house mates uncensored after everyday after midnight if you are in the EST timezone.

On Sunday they will have the “Have Not” competition and McCrae the HOH will reveal the two nominees he chose.