Big Brother Week 10 – Two House Guests Evicted in Another Double Eviction twist!

Big Brother Week 10 – Two House Guests Evicted in Another Double Eviction twist!

Last week, we saw Aaryn Gries leave the Big Brother house and then face Julie Chen in a brutal interview where she was called out for the racial slurs she

made in the house.

Aaryn clearly did not see it coming and she continued to dig her self deeper by blaming her ignorant remarks on being a “Southern white girl from Texas

If you missed the interview,  check out the video below.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Aaryn’s mother apologized on behalf of her daughter and went on to blast CBS for using her daughter to promote ratings for the show.

Read the full article HERE

Here’s what happened this week!

Gina Marie put Amanda and McCrae on the block, McCrae won POV and removed himself so GM put Spencer in as a replacement.

Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy and Judd formed an alliance called the exterminators.

Their goal was to take out Amanda, then McCrae or Elissa.

Elissa felt like she wasn’t part of any final 3 deals, so she considered working with Amanda.

Now, Andy is supposed to be part of the deal to keep Amanda but they have no idea that he is working with both sides of the house.

During the first live eviction, Amanda was evicted by HOH, Gina Marie, who broke a 2 – 2 tie vote.

Amanda is another house guests who has been caught bullying and saying some derogatory remarks to her mates.

However, during her exit interview with Julie Chen, none of the remarks came up.

CBS’s excuse is that Amanda’s bigotry remarks never made it to the TV show so they couldn’t bring it up.

Now who’s fault is that exactly? Amanda has already admitted to knowing a member of production, so there goes your answer.

Do you think Julie Chen did the right thing by not bringing it up during her exit interview?

Let me know in your comments below.

Shortly after, a double eviction was announced. McCrae won and thus nominated Gina Marie and Elissa. During the POV, Judd won and chose not to change the nominations.

This was a no-brainer as Elissa was voted out unanimously by her cast mates.

I have to applaud her for lasting this long after being a target since week 1 in the Big Brother 15 house.

She didn’t hug anyone on her way out and received a ton of cheers as she walked out of the house.

Fans are very dissapointed with the 5 remaining contestants. It’s now a matter of the Jury choosing the lesser evil.

Gina Marie is the only girl left in the house and I won’t be shocked if she’s sent home next by the boys.

Do you think the exterminators will stay true to their alliance or stay true to an all men alliance in the finals?

Let me know in your comments below.

Another HOH competition took place shortly after and Spencer won his first HOH of the summer.

Only two weeks left in the battle for half a million dollars. Tune in Sunday, to find out who the nominees are and Wednesday for a special eviction episode.

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