Big Brother Week 11 Recap – Countdown To The Season Finale!

Big Brother Week 11 Recap – Countdown To The Season Finale!

With only one week left until the Big Brother 15 season finale, the 3 remaining house guests are ready to battle it out for the coveted half a million prize.

After the double eviction last week, Spencer won HOH and nominated McCrae and Gina Marie.

The exterminators alliance (Judd, Spencer, Andy and Gina Marie)  want McCrae out.

Unfortunately for them, McCrae won the POV and took himself off the block which left the exterminators devastated.

Judd was the next target and so was put up as a replacement nominee.

So much for voting with the house right?

Judd has played zero game this season and I’m shocked he even lasted this long in the game.

Must be the southern charm!

At the special live eviction on Wednesday, Judd was voted out for the second time this season.

Shortly after Judd’s eviction, the house guests competed in the HOH competition.

Andy won HOH and POV which guaranteed him a spot in the final 3.

He then nominated McCrae and Spencer for eviction.

Andy finally revealed the exterminator alliance to McCrae and told him that he framed Elissa for the vote which sent Amanda home.

McCrae felt dissapointed for not trusting his gut more.

He regrets voting out the one person who would have been his ally moving forward in the game.

There was no more campaigning to do as his fate was sealed.

At the live eviction, Andy refused to use to veto, so Gina Marie voted McCrae out.

During his exit interview he acknowledge the fact that his showmance with Amanda was detrimental to his game.

We’re shown feeds from the Jury house where Amanda and Aaryn are telling the others … “America hates me….I got booed by the audience.”

Aaryn managed an apology to Helen and Candice for the racists things she said.

So far, the Jury members are  split on who they would like to see win the show.

Helen and Candice are rooting for Andy. Elissa and Judd for Gina Marie.

Amanda is rooting for her man obviously and I’m sure she’ll be dissapointed to know that he was evicted.

It’s now down to the final 3, Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman, and Spencer Clawson.

At this point, Spencer is guaranteed the second place prize.

Both Andy and Gina Marie would take him to the final 2 because they can beat him.

It must be nice for Spencer to float all season and end up with $50000 in the end.

Who do you think will win the half a million dollars and be crowned the winner of Big Brother 15?

Let me know in your comments below.

Who is your favorite House guest?  From now until September 17th, you can vote for the House guest you think deserves to win $25,000  HERE, at

Tune in Sunday, to find out who makes it to the final two.

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