Big Brother Week 6 Double Eviction + Amanda Zuckerman Fired!

Big Brother Week 6 Double Eviction + Amanda Zuckerman Fired!

On Wednesday, head of household, Gina Marie, nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction.

For a second week in a row, Big Brother’s viewers voted Amanda Zuckerman as the third nominee.

During the Power of Veto(POV) competition, Judd and Spencer played along side the nominees in a frog inspired game. It came down to Judd and Jessie who chose the POV safety over a $5000 cash prize.Jessie took herself off the block, leaving Gina Marie to put Spencer up as a replacement.

As the losers of the veto competition,  Amanda, Candice and Gina Marie were given unique punishments. Amanda had to get 50 spray tans in 48 hours, Candice had to wear a clown costume for a week while Gina Marie had a dog cone for 48 hours.

Amanda’s spray tan turned her skin darker by the hour (see picture above). Later that day she made remarks about looking like a “slave”. Amanda is already in hot water for making over-the-top comments on Big Brother season 15.  Plus she’s still in denial about the racial and homophobic slurs she’s made to other house guests.

The Boca Raton real estate agent  has joined the list of fired contestants on the show. Her real estate website has been temporarily suspended, which you can see here.

Amanda has been shown in a positive light on the show, leaving live feed viewers to think that she’s CBS’s “golden child” and Elissa Slater is just a distraction.

According to a Uproxx report, an insider from CBS revealed that Amanda was pre-chosen to win the show due to the nature of her relationship with CBS producer, Allison Grodner. You can read the full report here.

That, might explain why she’s been getting a good edit on the show so far.

Now back to the double eviction!

The viewers have nominated Amanda for 2 weeks in a row in hopes to get her evicted….but every time her house mates have decided otherwise. This week was no different as the house guests unanimously voted to evict Candice Stewart.

During the live show, Julie Chen announced the double eviction twist and that Candice will be the first jury member of the 9 remaining players. However, the evicted house guests will have a chance to come back into the game.

Shortly after, the HOH competition took place and Aaryn Gries won her third HOH of the summer. Aaryn nominated Jessie and Spencer for eviction and at the Veto competition, she managed another win leaving her in total control of the game.

Apparently, Aaryn is not really in control as we saw Helen use her political tactics to influence Aaryn’s decision. In a shocking blindside, Aaryn nominated Judd for eviction and he was voted out by his house mates.

Judd will be the second member of Jury and will be joining Candice in the Jury house. Fans were dissapointed to see one of their favorite players leave the show. Do you think he has a chance to come back in the game? Let me know in your comments below.

Who will be the new HOH? Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday to find out the HOH’s nominations.

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