The newest Walt Disney and Pixar studios movie, Big Hero 6, continues to rake in the money this week and will surely get those who have not seen it wondering if they are missing out.

The computer animated movie crushed Matthew McConaughey’s film, Interstellar, by earning $56.2 million at the Box Office.

Big Hero 6 has earned very favorable ratings by critics. Rotten Tomatoes website reflects a 88% favorable rating.

The film has been in movie theaters for over a week now.  A movie critic with the NY Times, Manohla Dargis, described the movie as a “…bright, visually sumptuous 3-D computer-animated feature that gives you a bit of an emotional workout”.

I did watch Big Hero 6 with my two children and it truly had something for everybody.

A rating of PG seemed appropriate given some of the action scenes and seemingly adolescent humor at times.

The story-line tugged at the heartstrings, but also provided some wonderful life lessons for the kids to watch and learn from.

The consensus, by both movie critics and general audience, is that it is worth seeing in the theater.

What did you think of the movie?