The Big Ten has one last shot to take a post season victory over the SEC on Tuesday night when the Ohio State Buckeyes meet the Arkansas Razorbacks for the Sugar Bowl 2011 game.

The SEC took down the rival Big Ten in a dramatic fashion on New Year’s Day when they won each of the bowl games they played against the conference. It made this the first New Year’s Day since 2002 that the Big Ten not only did not win a bowl game, but did not beat an SEC team.

Sugar Bowl 2011 is taking place Tuesday night at 8 pm in New Orleans, Louisiana and fans from both sides are eager to see what the results bring.  Big Ten co-champion Ohio State has a strong running game that could possibly lead them to a victory, but Arkansas has long been favored to take home the win.

After the disappointing losses on January 1, the Big Ten could use an OSU victory to help make the post season seem less of a disaster than it has become for the conference.  This will be the third and final co-champion team of the Big Ten to face off in a bowl game. Michigan State lost in a landslide to SEC team Alabama and Wisconsin barely lost the Rose Bowl to first time contenders TCU.