Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft (MSFT), has sold over 90 million of his personal Microsoft stock over the past year.

Just last week the tech mogul sold 10 million, for a total of 13% decrease in company share.

Many officials conclude that Gates is simply diversifying, a common practice in Wall Street, but Information Week reported that Microsoft stock would currently offer a return of 2.74%. Apple (AAPL) would be 38.8% and even IBM (IBM) is several times higher at 17.37%.

Microsoft has been struggling to keep up with Apple recently, and their attempts at creating a competitor for the iPad have been well publicized. The KIN smartphones and Windows Vista are just a few more examples of commercial setbacks for the software giant.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, said that Microsoft is fast becoming the “underdog.”

Where is Gates investing his money now? Garbage. He now owns over 44 million shares in Republic Services (RSG), a solid waste disposal service.