Bill O’Reilly’s “Furciferous” Word Of The Day

‘Furciferous’ was Bill O’Reilly’s “Word of the Day” that left heads scratching after his show tonight. Just what does it mean?

According to, the word, as it’s used here, is defined as meaning “rascally; scoundrelly; villainous”. On Bill O’ it’s listed as meaning: “Scandalous, dishonorable, contemptible”. says the pronunciation is: Fur·cif·er·ous.

O’Reilly, on his Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, wraps up his show with instructions on how to email him. He finishes by asking writers to not be… and provides a word. It’s usually along the lines of not being too verbose in the emails, or in this case, “scandalous”, “dishonorable”, or “contemptible”.

Some of Bill O’Reilly’s (now) well known Words (with definitions from his site) include:

– Popinjay: A vain, pretentious, overly talkative person.

– Bellicose: Warlike, hostile, combative.

– Jabberwocky: Nonsensical language, gibberish.

– Mooncalf: foolish person.

– Jackanapes: a conceited or impudent person.

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