Billions Up For Grabs In Conversion To Electronic Medical Records

As part of the push to make medical care more efficient, the 2009 stimulus bill included billions of dollars to be spent to incentivize the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology in the United States.

Medical providers that are eligible can qualify for $44,000 or more starting in 2011. It’s hoped that the incentives will drive the adoption of health related IT, which many doctors have been somewhat reluctant to accept.  The program could bring as much as $4 billion to individual states.

EHR company Practice Fusion has compiled a list of the incentives that could be paid to eligible medical providers by state, based on the number of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in each state, and what it means to local economies.  By order of the most possible funds:

1.California, $4.60 billion
2.New York, $3.52 billion
3.Florida, $2.39 billion
4.Texas, $2.37 billion
5.Pennsylvania, $1.84 billion
6.Illinois, $1.52 billion
7.Ohio, $1.44 billion
8.Massachusetts, $1.36 billion
9.New Jersey, $1.27 billion
10.Michigan, $1.25 billion
11.Virginia, $1.05 billion
12.North Carolina, $1.03 billion
13.Georgia, $1.01 billion
14.Maryland, $1.00 billion
15.Washington, $871 million
16.Tennessee, $804 million
17.Missouri, $755 million
18.Arizona, $718 million
19.Wisconsin, $713 million
20.Indiana, $686 million
21.Minnesota, $683 million
22.Connecticut, $618 million
23.Colorado, $617 million
24.South Carolina, $567 million
25.Oregon, $523 million
26.Louisiana, $506 million
27.Kentucky, $483 million
28.Alabama, $475 million
29.Oklahoma, $334 million
30.Kansas, $322 million
31.Mississippi, $316 million
32.Iowa, $313 million
33.Arkansas, $306 million
34.Utah, $290 million
35.District of Columbia, $266 million
36.Nevada, $235 million
37.New Mexico, $227 million
38.West Virginia, $215 million
39.Maine, $209 million
40.Nebraska, $198 million
41.Hawaii, $192 million
42.Rhode Island, $180 million
43.Idaho, $140 million
44.Delaware, $124 million
45.Montana, $115 million
46.Vermont, $108 million
47.Alaska, $100 million
48.South Dakota, $89 million
49.North Dakota, $78 million
50.New Hampshire, $77 million
51.Wyoming, $62 million

Consumer Expert Faroh Sauder

Faroh Sauder has spent more than 30 years working as a journalist and educator. He has written on politics, international affairs, civil rights, and consumer education.

Now mostly retired, Faroh continues to stay current on tech and consumer issues and reports on his interests here at News For Shoppers.