Bio Spot Review: ‘Spot On’ Flea Control For Dogs

Bio Spot Spot On is a flea and tick application that is available for purchase in stores and online without having to make a trip to the vet and pay a bill to get a prescription.  It is often compared to such products as Frontline and Advantage as it is a topical application that is applied monthly and is touted as a way to repel fleas and rid the pet of the ones they currently have.

As the owner of two small dogs, fleas are a major concern each year. This year as winter began to change over to spring and the ground began to thaw, the dogs developed a flea problem. I was advised by someone that fosters dogs to try out the Bio Spot Spot On treatment for an effective and budget-friendly alternative to flea control. After doing a bit of research I decided to purchase enough for a three month supply for each dog.

Bio Spot Spot On gives you very easy instructions with the package. You are to open and apply half of the product between the shoulder blades on the back of the dog and the other half on the lower end by the tail. It is a bit difficult to notice exactly how much is half because the packaging is dark, but you can make an educated guess.

Once the product is applied, the dogs cannot be bathed until it is time for another treatment. The product is not waterproof and can be washed off during a normal bath. We bathed them both prior to applying the treatment to ensure they were clean and dry before we put it on.

Unlike many treatments, Bio Spot actually has a citrus scent that can be considered a more pleasant smell than a typical flea treatment. It is a strong scent and will linger for some time before fading away. As with any treatment, neither of the dogs liked the application. However, within three days of applying the product both dogs were free of fleas.

The directions indicate that you are to reapply only after thirty days have passed. We have noticed mixed results. With a week left before the thirty day mark, we noticed one or two fleas on one of the dogs. She is the more rambunctious dog and spends her time outside rolling around in the grass. She also has a lot of long hair. So for her the treatment did not last quite the entire thirty days.

The other dog has short hair and very little of it and does not play when outside. On her we have not found evidence of any new fleas in between the treatments.

In researching the product, I did find that in some rare cases the dog will have a reaction to the product. This did not occur in my situation, but it is something that should be watched for when using the product.

Overall, Bio Spot treated our flea problem effectively and did do everything the manufacturer insists it will do. The only problem we found was that it did not work the full thirty days on one of the dogs. At a cost of less than half of what the competition charges, we found it to be a viable alternative for flea control.

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