Black Friday Campers Out In Force

Reports are coming in from around the country of people camping out in front of stores that will be having Black Friday sales. Black Friday is four days away.

In Jacksonville, Florida, campers have a neat row of tents set up outside the local Best Buy store. When asked, the campers refused to say when, exactly, they arrived to set up their tents – keeping that bit of information a closely guarded trade secret.

Cleveland, Ohio, station NewsNet5 reported on more campers set out in front of a Cleveland area Best Buy. In St. Petersburg, Florida, KSDK reported on a shopper that started camping out last Friday. Rockford, Illinois station WIFR, New York’s News Channel 13, California’s, Dallas News in Texas, along with many other news sites, are reporting that people in their cities are camping in front of stores in anticipation of Black Friday.

And it’s not just any stores they are in front of. In all but one of the stories above, which were picked at random after a search for reports on Black Friday campers, the campers were setting up their tents outside of Best Buy stores.

Best Buy is, of course, famous for its electronics deals. Many of the campers reported that HDTV’s, laptops, and tablets were on their hit lists. Best Buy will be opening at midnight (local times) on Black Friday morning.

Some analysts are predicting slower Black Friday sales this year, due to both the slow economy and some shoppers souring on the controversial early opening times many stores are adopting this year. But conventional wisdom may say otherwise.

Terry Dilts, a general manager at a Best Buy store in Mesquite, Texas, told Dallas News that he commonly sees customers camp out before Black Friday – but not as early as this year. “There’s a lot of excitement every year for Black Friday,” he said, “but this year there may be a little more.”

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

Jimmy is an assistant editor and a writer here at News For Shoppers. He has more than two decades of experience in the shopping industry, having worked in sales and marketing in both the technology and fashion industries.