Black Friday Car Deals At Dealerships Everywhere

The world of consumer commerce is about to reach its boiling point.

Black Friday is nearly here, and all over North America malls and independent stores are prepping for the onslaught of deal hungry hoards.

Not wanting to miss out on this frenzy of spending, the Automotive industry is following suit.

At both corporate and Dealer level, there are numerous and significant savings to be had.

Here is a taste of the offerings:

GM– A 2014 Chevrolet Malibu LS regular MSRP-$22965 has dropped to $19840. That is a 14% saving, or put another way $3125 off.

Buick– is offering 0% financing for 60 months plus $1,000 allowance, or a $2,000 allowance for cash buyers. If you buy An Enclave you will receive a total of $4766 discount.

-Nine models from GM brands are discounted during the sale: four from Chevrolet, three from Buick and two from GMC.

– Deals vary by  brand and model, but all include special pricing, an offer of cash back or both.

-This sale runs through December 2 2014.

Ford– two-year Black Friday lease deals with low monthly payments on several models through Jan. 5.

– Select Ford models have three-year lease deals.

Honda–  no down payment Black Friday lease deals on the 2015 Civic, Accord, Odyssey, Pilot, and the 2014 CR-V.

– This offer includes no first month’s payment, no security deposit and no money due at signing.

Nissan– with down payments between $2,000 to $3,00o, get low monthly payment lease deals of $200 or less on models like the 2014 Versa,        Sentra, Juke, Altima and Rogue Select.

If you end up leasing either a Mazda or Subaru, you won’t save a cent. However, both brands will make a donation of $150 from Mazda to a charity of your choice and if you opt for a  Subaru, they donate  $250 to your chosen charity.

These are just a few of the available Corporate level deals in America, Canadians will see similar offers.

Individual dealers may also have special discounts on certain vehicles on their lot, so it pays to hunt around.

If you are looking to replace your car soon, it may be worth your while to shop now. And you Husbands and boy friends, if you shop for your car now you’ll have a great excuse to avoid the malls.

Seriously, there will be too many people.

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