Black Ops 2 Gets Multiplayer Upgrade [Features]

Black Ops 2 Gets Multiplayer Upgrade [Features]

For all the Call Of Duty fans out there, there’s been one burning question about the multiplayer experience for the new Black Ops 2.

This question was somewhat answered at Gamescon 2012, where Black Ops 2 multiplayer was revealed.

The new Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 will be getting a complete overhaul in terms of multiplayer features. It’s the first big change since Call Of Duty 4.

According to, “Black Ops did everything we wanted it to do. We had the customisation, the theatre, the emblem editor, great maps, great options – but one of the things that it didn’t do is look at the gameplay and say: ‘hey, let’s significantly innovate upon some of these core systems.’ Black Ops II takes the core systems and does something new, said Treyarch’s studio head, Mark Lamia.”

This time around in the multiplayer of Black Ops 2, players will have the ability to create a custom class from scratch, players can also enter games as a commentator with the help of a special e-sports HUD.

Instead of killstreaks, there will be a new scoring system in place: core streaks, a new feature which is a system that racks up bonuses for completing objectives as well as making kills.

In another premiere feature for the multiplayer – a single click streaming option will be available for console players. This should make streaming of matches to the internet very player friendly.

The new Shoutcasting mode, a dedicated commentator’s HUD with full camera controls, the ability to jump to any players’ view, and a picture-in-picture scoreboard and map for tracking even the fastest games, will add a lot of incentive for players who want to spectate the action.

The create a custom class will be the upgrade to watch out for. It provides for a range of independent development of a player without any restrictions. The player will be able to choose and upgrade from a vast variety of weapons, which will add to the fun quotient, as there are no limitations or restrictions to these upgrades. Due to this system, a player is free to choose to play the game with his style and tactics, rather than restricting himself to the style of the class he has selected. This adds a new dimension to multiplayer and will definitely make for some interesting gameplay.

Black Ops 2 will release on November 13 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC worldwide.There are a lot of other upgrades to watch for, here is the reveal tariler for Black Ops 2 Multiplayer.

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