Black Sabbath “13” Album Review

Black Sabbath “13” Album Review

This past summer metal legends Black Sabbath released their new album “13”. It was Sabbath’s first album with Ozzy Osbourne in 35 years.

The album debuted at number 1 on the billboard top 200, it was Sabbath’s first album to debut at number 1.

It’s shocking to think that it took this long for Sabbath to finally make it to the top of the charts, especially considering that when older bands get back together, it usually results in not many people caring, see Van Halen and Aerosmith.

This album is classic Sabbath, with heavy riffs and a doomy sound. From listening to this album you can tell the band is as good as they’ve ever been.

Personally, I’m not a hardcore Sabbath fan, and I’ve never been crazy about Ozzy’s vocals, but with that said, I’m still like them very much.

Like most Sabbath albums for me, I always take the good with the bad, but even the bad isn’t that bad.

This album has 11 tracks and I only disliked 3 of them, however, this album may be the best album they’ve ever put out. Some of my favorite songs on the album include “God is Dead”, “Dear Father”, “Piece of Mind”, and my favorite “Pariah”.

If you’re a fan of classic metal, this is the album for you.

If you’re even a fringe Sabbath fan, this album is for you.

It is a fantastic album and I’m truly surprised that after being around for as long as they have, Sabbath truly hasn’t lost a step.

With the success of the album, Sabbath may have cemented themselves as the best band of their generation, better than Led Zeppelin, better than The Who, and better than Pink Floyd.

The band is currently on a world tour. If you get a chance to see them live, count your blessings. They may not be doing this for much longer.

13 is a fantastic piece of work.

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