Blackberry 10.3 Adds New Siri-Like Feature

As the launch for the new Blackberry 10.3 operating system gets closer and closer each day, Blackberry is trying to find ways to create some hype around their products.

They’ve finally officially confirmed that with the new launch, Blackberry handhelds will be getting their own Siri-like virtual assistant program.

Blackberry has been faced with some serious issues as far as the company’s progression is concerned.

There have numerous factors affecting the company’s success and one of those is the fact that Apple and Samsung are currently dominating the handheld mobile device market; making it extremely hard for any company besides those two to record profits.

The new operating system is coming soon and is expected to gain some headway for the company because of the new tools and features it’s coming equipped with.

The Blackberry Assistant looks as though it will have most, if not total, control over the user’s device, including accessing messages and alerts.

With new expectations set and new features coming, Blackberry is looking to grow and expand over the course of this year.

The final verdict rests upon whether or not the company can successfully launch their new OS and recruit new clients.

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