If you ask a smoker what they think of current regulations, they will likely tell you that it is not like the old days.  With smoking banned in many bars, restaurants, and now college campuses, more and more of smoker’s traditional hangouts are being eliminated everyday.  Soon, it might be hard to find an outdoor ashtray, or “smoker’s pole,” anywhere.  But, hope is not lost.  New electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are offering smokers alternative methods to get around smoking bans and, more interestingly, ways to find each other.

The newest offering is called the “blu Smart Pack” and is purported to be the first of its kind e-cigarette.  What makes the Smart Pack different is that it has the ability to connect wirelessly to social networking sites.  Another interesting feature is that the Pack can detect another Pack within 50 feet…sort of like radar, but nicotine-dar, or maybe tar-dar.  When it detects a fellow user, it will flash a blue light and vibrate to alert user that there is a like-minded individual in the vicinity.

Some think that the Pack may actually help users to kick the habit of nicotine addiction by distracting the user from the addictive properties of the drug and helping them focus more on the setting and social interactions than the nicotine.

The nicotine-laced e-cigarettes deliver the addictive substance via inhaled water vapor.   The e-cigarettes have been around for almost two years but have yet to go mainstream.  With the addition of the social media angle, the e-cigarettes may stand a better chance of recognition by the average smoker.