BMW i3 Wins 2015 Green Car Of The Year

The BMW i3 was awarded the 2015 Green Car Of The Year title at this years L.A. Autoshow.

The i3 is the only fully electric car in the upscale market. Over 12,000 have been sold in its first year, making it the third best selling all electric car.

This car proves that you can have a premium vehicle without having to sacrifice the planets future.

It has received accolades for its sporty driving feel, thanks largely to the 125kw/170 hp. electric motor, and nimble handling.

According to BMW, the owners are most impressed with the connectivity,  the interior made up of renewable materials, the futuristic styling (their words not mine), and the carbon fibre reinforced plastic passenger cell.

The upscale interior further impresses with the optimized layout that makes the most of a tiny space.

Of interest, to the environmentally conscious, is the fact that the wood and leather in the i3 have been treated using environmentally sound methods.

I suspect that this implies that the cows whose hide you  sit on, died surrounded with  family, listening to tranquil music after having been fed the choicest hay.

Keeping to the goal of renewability, 25% of the plastics in the i3 are recycled.

Further, the door trim panels are made from kenaf fibres, a plant from the mallow family. To add to the nature vibe the natural grain remains visible after treatment.

Eucalyptus wood is the raw material for parts of the instrument panel, and the leather set aside for the interior is tanned in a natural process using extract of olive leaves.

This diminutive Bimmer, has received numerous awards in several countries, for example it won both the UK  and Swiss Car of The Year awards.

By endeavoring to develop a vehicle that is environmentally compatible, BMW seems to have provided the first step in the evolution of the luxury car, the i3.

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