Board Games For The Star Wars Fan On Your List

If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, you might want to consider a tabletop game for Christmas. There are several on the market, so how do you choose?

If the person you’re buying for likes role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, there are two Star Wars games from Fantasy Flight that might fit the bill. They also happen to be more budget-friendly than some of the other game options.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game offers everything needed to get started in one box. The game is for three to five players, and it’s designed for novices, so even someone new to role-playing should be able to open the box and go.

Edge of the Empire is set in the original Star Wars trilogy universe, between Episodes 4 and 5. The beginner box’s suggested price is $29.95, and there are other scenarios and additions to the game.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion also has a beginner box for the same price, and is set during the time of The Empire Strikes Back.

Both are standalone games made by Fantasy Flight.

If the person on your list would rather fight the Empire (or the Rebellion) with ships, the X-Wing Minatures Game starter set may be the right gift.

The starter set comes with four ships, two Rebel X-Wings and two Imperial TIE fighters, which are already painted and assembled. The game’s suggested price is $39.95, and 24 expansion packs available with other ships.

If you’re buying for a supergeek, you might consider an IOU for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. The game, based on the classic dungeon crawl Descent, isn’t out yet, but it is available for preorder, and advance reviewers, including the Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel, have been raving.

The base game has two ways to play, and includes the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader expansions. Other characters will be available for purchase.

The game isn’t out yet, but it is widely available for preorder with a release date of Dec. 31.

Cardhaus Games has the cheapest preorder price as of Dec. 4, at $67.44. The price does not include shipping, which is free with a purchase of $125 or more.

There are also Star Wars versions of classic games, including Monopoly, Operation, Trivial Pursuit and Risk.

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