Board Games Up To 50% Off On Amazon is having a sale Aug. 1 on strategy board games.

The sale includes several popular titles at up to half off the retail price.

The biggest savings are on 7 Wonders, where players build one of the seven wonders of the world and try to dominate in science, military, and culture, for $24.99; King of Tokyo, where players take on the role of dice-throwing monsters, robots, and aliens, for $20.99; and Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak, where players fight zombies while trying to accomplish their goals, for $48.79.

TV- and movie-related games on sale include The Walking Dead Dice Game: Don’t Look Back for $12.99, Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, for $11.99, and Homeland for $29.49.

Games for less than $10 include: Empire Engine for $6.99, Coup for $8.99, Mille Bornes for $8.99, and Star Fluxx for $9.79.

Games from $10 to $20 include: Just Desserts for $10.99, Chupacabra for $13.99, Longhorn for $15.99, Tsuro for $16.99, Machi Koro (a nominee for this year’s German Game of the Year) for $17.59, Saint Malo for $18.99, and several games in the Munchkin line from $10.49 to $14.49.

Games over $20 included in the sale are: the second edition of Flash Point Fire Rescue for $22.09, Ascension Deck-Building Game for $24.99, Dominion Adventures for $25.99, Libertalia for $26.49, Small World for $29.99, Ticket to Ride — Europe for $30.49, Kingdom Builder for $34.99, and Five Tribes for $37.29.

Consumer Expert Teresa Jackson

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