Partners in life, and now partners in dance, to solve a murder.

The Fox network is renewing BONES for the ninth season.

Now fans can look forward to more of the Jeffersonian team and their “out of the box” FBI Agent Sealy Booth in upcoming new episodes.

Fox is introducing the new season of BONES with a two hour winter premiere special on January 14th 8/7c on Fox.

The premiere episode titled, ” The Diamond in the Rough/The Archaeologist in the Cocoon”, follows the Jeffersonian team as they investigate the murder of a ballroom dancer. The dancer gets murdered just before her big audition for a popular dance competition show.

Bones and Booth get to show off their many talents as they go undercover – as dance competitors to help solve the crime.

The crime solving doesn’t stop at a dance, but includes the investigation of an archaeologist who is well known and murdered right before he makes a momentous discovery. Even though his reputation was questionable, the Jeffersonian team uses all their resources to find out who dunnit.

Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment for Fox Broadcasting Company boasts, “After more than 150 episodes, BONES continues to be one of television’s most dynamic and consistent dramas…”.

BONES’ fan base have certainly helped in keeping the crime solving team busy while enjoying the quirkiness of each of the series characters.

BONES seasons 1 through 7 can be seen on Netflix streaming. Season 8 can be viewed on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.