Bones and Booth at the christening of their daughter Christine

There’s no bones about it, Bones is back on Monday September 17th 8/7 Central, and hopefully  answers some questions from season 7’s finale.

Season 7 final episode left viewers wondering, now what?

With the help of her father, Max, the clever Temperance Brennan is on the run with baby Christine. Charged with murder and now a fugitive, Booth is left in turmoil, as well as feeling betrayed, because he does not know where Bones and his daughter have gone to.

Season 8 promos give us a piece of the puzzle when we see that Bones and Booth are reunited. Unfortunately, Bones is still charged with murder and now must prove her innocence.

The Jeffersonian team must help catch the bad guy,Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds), who framed Bones for the murder of her friend, Ethan Swayer. So we all know “who-dunnit,” but Bones and her team are stuck with the “how-he-dunnit”. You see, Pellant is under house arrest and cannot leave is home because he is monitored by an ankle bracelet. Real good, Pellant, real good… but you’re no match for Bones and Booth, whose sidekicks of forensic geniuses are out to catch the killer.

Bones is on the other side of the law now and the FBI will do everything they can to get her back in their grasp. Pellant is not far behind, using all his tech saavy to sabotage the team. The fun part is seeing Bones slip through their fingers. It has not been revealed how long the Bones/Pellant storyline will take to tell, but if you remember the Grave Digger serial killer, then you know it’s never really finished until the “bones” sing. and are currently taking preorders for season 7. Shoppers can get a chance to be the first to get season 7 on DVD and Blu-ray and relive the episode that turned everyones lives upside down. But unfortunately, the disc sets won’t ship until after season 8 is well underway: October 9. Season 7 is available right now, streaming, through iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

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