Looking for a couple of books to add to your Kindle, Nook or Kobo collection? Here’s today’s round-up of heavily discounted ebooks courtesy of BookBub:

“Sword Bearer” by Teddy Jacobs – When young Anders opens a magic portal in his room, he plunges into an adventure filled with terrifying demons, harrowing battles, and epic swordplay. This swashbuckling tale has over 100 five-star reviews on Amazon!

• “After Life” by Shelbi Wescott – When Mara’s little brother Soren tells her about the violent end he met in a past life, Mara investigates his story — and finds that his memories line up with an old murder case. But digging deeper into Soren’s death may cost Mara her own life…

• “Zombie” by Joyce Carol Oates – A book like no other, this chilling portrait of a dangerous psychopath’s spiral into unimaginable violence and cruelty will haunt your waking hours. From a National Book Award-winning author, this novel is “compulsively readable and impossible to forget” (Library Journal).

• “Hurricane Kisses” by Krista Lakes – When a hurricane hits a popular resort, two ex-lovers and travel company execs are forced to confront their past and reconsider their future. Will Olivia Statler and Logan Hayes finally find true love? A sweet romance from a New York Times bestselling author.

• “She Effin’ Hates Me” by Scarlett Savage – Based on an award-winning play, this novel tells the story of three women — a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother — as they learn to love one another again. “Nicely retains the sophisticated, urbane spirit of its theatrical origin” (Kirkus Reviews).

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