The current economic climate is once again cutting into the tech industry.  This time it is 650 to 700 Yahoo employees who’s jobs are reportedly on the chopping block.  This news comes at a time of year that is hardest for families.  With travel and shopping at its yearly peak, this is not the time people want to learn of pink slips in their mailbox.

However, the numbers are, at this point, speculation based on a tweet.  That said, more info has come online and it appears that these layoffs will come largely from Blake Irving’s product division, although there may be firings in other divisions as well.  It has also been reported that most, if not all, layoffs will be from the U.S. subsidiaries of Yahoo.

It is expected that the layoffs will be announced tomorrow morning and those affected will be asked to leave the facility immediately, having completed the process by early afternoon PST.