Following the announcement that Borders Bookstore would be filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, they began the process of closing nearly two thirds of their stores and have begun offering bankruptcy related discounts.

The Borders franchise location in Greensboro, North Carolina began offering a Store Closing Sale that started on Saturday, February 19th. Sales include everything in the store.

They began selling books, CDs, DVD’s, and more for 20%-40% off. Anybody with a Borders Rewards card will see even higher sales on all inventory.

Starting March 4th they are vamping up the sales offers to 25%-50% off everything in the store.

This is only one of the locations that is closing down. Sales at other Borders stores may vary.

The location in Greensboro is at:

3605 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC

Borders recently announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy in light of increased sales in online media like ebooks and digital mp3 downloads.

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