Abu GhraibBoys of Abu Ghraib is scheduled to open March 28, 2014 and its trailer is already sparking controversy on YouTube.

The world became aware of Abu Ghraib in 2003- 2004.

Human rights investigations began when photographs of US military personnel and Abu Ghraib detainees surfaced. The film is based on the events that lead to the investigation and marks Luke Moran’s directorial debut.

The film’s 2:50 trailer began streaming on YouTube this morning. It predominantly features Luke Moran and Sean Astin. The clip opens with a cheerful, “Welcome to Abu Ghraib,” as soldiers joke about the dank environment. From there, the trailer spirals into darkness.

Moran’s character gently talks with detainees and Astin’s character beats them. The trailer highlights one detainee hanging his head and wearing women’s underwear over his head and face.

In another scene, an isolated Moran pulls a lifeless detainee from a cell to administer chest compressions. Later, Moran lies peacefully outside of a detainee’s cell. The man inside of the cell shares with Moran the reason for his detainment.

US Marine, Sergeant Paul Porter vouches for the movies authenticity. His praise is quoted in the trailer footage. VFTLA.org reveals Porter is a 13 year military veteran who served two tours in Iraq. He now produces and directs independent films.

YouTube’s comment section points to the film’s polarizing potential. Some contributors label the film liberal propaganda. Others claim the fictitious account hardly scratches the painful surface.

You can share your opinion here after you see the trailer for yourself.