Breaking Bad, season 4, has finally arrived.

At the end of season 3, 13 long months ago, we were left with an unforgettable cliffhanger… finally we will find out what really happened.

Breaking Bad is a story about Walter White. A high school chemistry teacher, white is diagnosed with lung cancer at the start of the series. Tired of his struggles, he ‘breaks bad’ and starts a meth lab with a former student, Jesse Pinkman. His goal… to secure his family’s financial future.

But how the worm turns… this season Walter White’s death is no longer imminent. After chemotherapy and surgery, doctors assure Walt that he is healthy and won’t drop dead at any given moment, at least from cancer. But he’s still in mortal danger. To stay alive, Walt is ready to do anything he deems necessary.

Season three of “Breaking Bad” began with a visual of people crawling on their stomachs to sneak from Mexico into the United States. It ended with Jesse preparing to shoot Gale. A shot is heard… the screen goes blank…

Tonight we will learn what happened. At first blush, it certainly appears that Jesse and Walt have made the leap from being drug dealers to murderers. But it’s hard to say what really happened. Could Jesse have changed his mind at the final second?

Season four promises 13 new episodes that are sure to be action packed, heartbreaking, heart stopping, and most importantly, funny! The popularity of the critical acclaimed series caught many be surprise. It has won 6 Emmys, and it’s ratings have been growing each year.

Many are just now trying to catch up with Breaking Bad and what’s been going on. And lucky for them, all three previous seasons of Breaking Bad, 2008, 2009, & 2010, have now been released on DVD. Season 4 airs tonight at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central, on AMC.