Already seeing waters rising, Brisbane, Australia is now finding itself  at risk  from the waters that are impacting the lower areas of West End.

Many businesses that abut the rivers have closed and damage is projected. Bracing for the flood waters that are predicted to come in Wednesday, Brisbane has taken emergency action already in the Riverwalk, which has been closed.

The Powerhouse is closed as well. Areas along Coronation Drive have been evacuated, as have many of the areas in and around the Brisbane area. People have been warned to evacuate to higher ground. Ipswich is also in danger from the incoming waters.

In a report on Sydney Morning Herald, a reporter spoke of having to watch cars being lifted by the strength of the incoming threat. She mentioned how it was emotional for her to have to watch cars that had people in them.

The current time frame for the deluge to hit the area has been scheduled for Wednesday, but Brisbane and Ipswich are already having to brace themselves in certain areas. If the rain continues to come down, flash flooding is a real concern and the authorities are trying to stay on top of the reports to reduce the damage and possible injuries caused by the enormous amount of rain.

A report by Anna Bligh said 8 people had been killed and as many as 72 were already unaccounted for.