British Airways has announced a few crucial changes in their transatlantic routes.

British Airways revamped the times for some of their more popular flights. The most recognizable change is for the Heathrow – New York route.  Before now, five of the eleven daily trips to New York left Heathrow at close to the same time, which left gaps of up to three hours between the remaining flights.

Now flights depart every hour, on the hour, between 1pm and 8pm, from Heathrow, as well as having morning departures that are an hour and a half apart at most. Most flights will be departing from the JFK Airport, while some will be departing from the Newark Airport.

Another change is that Chicago flights that are inbound to London will be evenly spaced. They will depart around 5pm., 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm. Previously, four flights departed around the same time which was either at 5pm or 8pm. Flights from Chicago will depart from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

British Airways has also announced that they will begin offering daily flights between San Diego and London starting June 1, which will be a return to this route for British Airways after an eight year hiatus. The trips will be a non-stop flight, taking approximately 11 hours. They are the only airline that is currently offering flights between San Diego and Europe.