Brown-Forman Releasing First New Bourbon in 20 Years: Coopers’ Craft

Brown-Forman announced it will be releasing its first new bourbon in 20 years for summer 2016.

Dubbed Coopers’ Craft, the name is a tribute to the company’s knowledge of wood and barrel-making.

Most bourbon distilleries purchase their barrels from independent cooperages, but Brown-Forman is the only major distillery that creates its own barrels. (The company also owns Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and other popular alcohol brands.)

The finishing process for Coopers’ Craft is also unique in that it uses “a special beech and birch charcoal filter finishing process, creating a smooth and flavorful bourbon,” according to the company.

The bourbon is bottled at 82.2 proof.

It was Brown-Forman’s founder, George Garvin Brown, that inspired the company to start is own cooperage in 1945 since barrels and the type of wood used to age bourbon play such an important role in the process of creating the spirit.

“Coopers’ Craft is the result of decades of experience in mastering barrel-making and maturation techniques to create truly unique bourbons,” said Lawson Whiting, executive vice president and chief brands & strategy officer for Brown-Forman Brands, in a press release.

“Owning our cooperage is a testament to this expertise and brings to life the notion that what matters most, we do ourselves.”

An exact date for the release of Coopers’ Craft was not provided other than summer 2016.

Coopers’ Craft will have a suggested retail price of $28.99 (for a 750ml bottle).

Southern states will be the first to get shipments of Coopers’ Craft which will be available beginning in the following states before heading to other markets: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Coopers’ Craft isn’t listed on the Brown-Forman website yet, but details will possibly follow at

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