Wednesday night in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Boston Bruins made NHL history. Not only did the team manage to ruins Vancouver’s victory party after game 7, but the Bruins also became the first team in NHL history to win 3 game 7s in the Stanley Cup series.

The Bruins effectively held the Canucks at bay throughout the game. Goalie Tim Thomas refused to allow them even one goal the entire game. Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchan scored two goals a piece, giving the Bruins a 4-0 win. Thomas was named MVP for the series. Check out the highlights here:

The win was a majoy upset for Vancouver, who, like Boston, had waited 40 years for the return of the Cup. Vancouver fans showed their dismay in a nasty display of pandemonium. Cars were destroyed and set on fire. Bonfires were lit. Bottles were thrown. Riot police were called out and used shields and truncheons to put a stop to the mayhem.

Meanwhile, in Boston, shouts of victory filled the air. Police were on their guard and ready for anything, but fans celebrated responsibly. Baracades were placed around the statue of Bobby Orr that memorializes the 1970 Stanley Cup win, to keep fans from climbing the statue.

A parade is being scheduled in Boston to celebrate the victory. The plans have not yet been finilized, but according to Twitter posts, it will be Friday or Saturday. The day and plans for the parade will be decided and announced later today.