Burger King Rib Sandwich To Provide Competition To McRib

Burger King Rib Sandwich To Provide Competition To McRib

McDonald’s has been a key player when it comes to boneless rib sandwiches, but will soon face competition from Burger King.

Burger King has announced its own rib sandwich that’s going to be available starting May 21.

The new item will be offered on Burger King’s new summer menu and will be available nationwide.

The official details will be announced tomorrow.

USA Today reports the menu will also include Oreo-based desserts, a Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich, sweet potato fries, BBQ chicken salad and California BBQ sandwiches.

Burger King Rib’s Sandwich sounds like a tough competitor to McRib considering its description: a boneless slap of ribs with a ‘tangy’ sauce topped with pickles.

Danya Proud, spokeswoman at McDonald’s, told the source “We know our customers love McRib and we won’t disappoint them. It will be returning.”

The statement shows McDonald’s isn’t worried about Burger King’s introduction…. or are they?

Burger King’s rib sandwich may have an advantage – considering it will be on an open-flame grill, following the chain’s tradition.

Do you think Burger King Rib Sandwich would do well against McRib?

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