Cablevision launched its own iPad app last weekend. It’s called Optimum, and allows Cablevision subscribers to watch almost 300 channels, live, on their iPad.

Time Warner Cable (TWC) launched a similar app just last month, and there have been some struggles related to it. A few days ago they pulled about a dozen channels from the app, including FX and MTV. The media companies whose channels have been pulled off the app complained that putting them on the app was a violation of the contract they have with TWC. The media companies want more money for the rights to stream their programs to portable devices, according to TWC. TWC president Alex Dudley said “…we believe we already have those rights, and this is not about negotiating a price for them because we already bought them.” Until it’s all sorted out in the legal system, TWC has replaced those channels with others.

Cablevision’s Optimum app delivers live broadcasts, and also gives users the ability to schedule DVR recordings, has video-on-demand, and allows up to three iPads per household to watch up to two channels simultaneously. The Terms of Service for the app state that it can only be used while the user is at home. The app is free. According to Cablevision, it can be downloaded from, they suggest using the search keywords: DVR, iO TV, On Demand or Optimum.